Hair Removal Santa Fe NM

As the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal, electrology as a developed practice has existed since as the 1870s. Its longevity speaks for its reliability: while alternative treatments such as laser removal have grown in popularity in recent years due to their speed and convenience, their results can only claim to slow and/or reduce hair growth, not eliminate it entirely.

  • When we say “permanent,” we mean it!
    Electrolysis does not simply remove hair; it destroys its ability to regrow completely. By transmitting a small burst of energy via needle into the body’s natural opening to a follicle, its root and regenerative properties are removed. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry: Patients are likely to feel only a momentary pinch or spot of heat. Keep in mind that tolerance varies from person to person, however, and that certain parts of the body are more sensitive than others. No matter your individual circumstances, though, our electrologists are guaranteed to be efficient but delicate during your session to make sure you remain as comfortable as possible.
  • What makes electrolysis better than other procedures?
    Aside from the lasting results, you mean? Unlike other treatment methods, electrolysis also provides the most effective hair removal on the largest variety of skin and hair types, and prevents common complications such as skin discoloration and ingrown hair. And because alternative procedures do not fully address the growth, a lifetime’s worth of maintenance is required to maintain results with them; something that can appear inexpensive but adds up in the long run in both time and expense.
  • Hair Removal

  • It’s effective anywhere and everywhere.
    Nearly every part of the body can experience unwanted hair growth, and electrolysis safely treats just about all of them. The most common treatments for women include the chin, jaw, upper lip, throat, sides of face, eyebrows, breasts, stomach, bikini line, underarms, and hairline. The most common for men include the back, shoulders, chest, stomach, ears, brows, cheeks, neckline, nape, groin, and hands. Whatever your areas of concern are, we’ll work closely with you to develop an individual plan that gets the work done quickly and smoothly.
  • Hair Removal Due to Hormonal Changes.
    The growth of unwanted excess facial or body hair can be triggered by hormonal changes. Chin hair is easily removed permanently, safely, and effectively.

Is electrolysis right for you?

I am licensed and certified and I can provide Sante Fe residents the best solution for permanent hair removal. I offer Saturday and evening availability in addition to daytime appointments, so give me a call or text!